Marlborough Primary School




Marlborough Primary School

English - Writing

• We aim to develop children’s ability to produce well-structured, detailed writing in which the meaning is made
clear and which engages the interest of the audience/reader. The audience, purpose and the form that the
writing takes is the basis of all our writing units and is embedded throughout the writing process. Our approach
covers the transcription and composition requirements of the National Curriculum.
• Throughout Early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, our writing follows the book-led curriculum in place across
Leigh Trust. The writing opportunities are then developed as a year group, and we practise a range of forms;
there is a mixture of non-fiction and narrative based opportunities which help to develop and embed the writing
skills. Our curriculum allows the children to be immersed in high quality texts providing a purpose for writing.
Drama and role-play are also used to encourage interactive learning and promote the children’s imagination, as
an aid to scaffolding their writing. At the start of the writing process, children are exposed to many samples of
the writing genre, which enables them to capture ideas and secure their understanding. This is followed by
teacher modelling of writing, shared writing, guided writing and talk for writing experiences which develop the
children’s knowledge and skills in readiness for their own independent writing.
• Teachers support the writing journey through the use of working walls as well as guided writing to target
specific needs of groups and individuals. We celebrate the progress of the writing journey for each child by
displaying a piece of work by every child each half term.