Marlborough Primary School



At Marlborough Primary School we are working with Voice 21 to develop our children’s Oracy skills in order to enhance their speaking and listening skills.  Fundamentally, Oracy underpins the development of reading and writing and is the key to progress in all subject areas.

Oracy can be described as a combination of learning to talk and learning through talk.

We use the oracy framework that was developed by The University of Cambridge and Voice 21. This framework breaks oracy into four strands:

  1. Physical
  2. Cognitive
  3. Linguistic
  4. Social and Emotional

The framework allows both staff and pupils to understand what makes good spoken communication. The four strands enable successful discussion, inspiring speech and effective communication. The framework is used by staff to give feedback and assess progress.



Through talk in the classroom, which has been planned, designed, modelled, scaffolded and structured this will enable our children to develop and deepen their subject knowledge and understanding.

Our children participate in a wide variety of carefully planned oracy activities across the curriculum which help them to develop confidence in the spoken language.

For example,

  • Partner talk
  • Group discussion – Trios/Fish bowl
  • Problem solving
  • Debate
  • Role play/Drama
  • Presentations

We also have a range of opportunities for children to develop their oracy skills outside of the curriculum.

For example,

  • Assemblies – class assemblies
  • Subject ambassadors
  • Class/Year group Productions
  • Meet and greet with Governors and visitors
  • Reading buddies
  • Subject/themed events


Oracy is a powerful tool for learning; at Marlborough Primary School we aim to encourage fluent speakers, who are confident to communicate, debate and present in a wide range of situations.  Through Oracy we can empower our children to better understand themselves and the world around them.





Our Oracy Classroom Displays

What our children say about Oracy


"Oracy helps us speak out loud and be more confident.  Also, it helps to develop our ambitious vocabulary and with sentence starters for example, If I'm building on someone's idea I would say I agree with...because .... and would like to add...."


"Oracy helps us speak clearly.  It helps develops our English better."


"The 4 parts of Oracy are - Cognitive, Physical, Linguistic and Social and Emotional."


"In Oracy we are taught how to speak up confidently and engage with the people around us."


"Our Oracy lessons teach us how to use the correct vocabulary and phrases linked to the Linguistic strand."




Oracy Parent Meetings and Workshops



Some of the comments from our parents about the workshops 


"I really enjoyed Oracy with my child." Parent of Hashim


"It was a very useful workshop.  My child enjoyed it aswell as I.  Thank you ever so much for your support!", Parent of Hawa


"Thank you for a great workshop.", Parent of Ameenah


"I am very happy how today workshop went!", Parent of Aman