Marlborough Primary School



Children at Marlborough Junior School will experience all aspects of Science developed in the New National Curriculum. Where possible we aim to link our Science topics to the Cornerstones topics every half term.

General aims of Science

The key aim of science at Marlborough Junior School  is to develop an inquisitive minds as pupils try to understand the world around them. To achieve this main aim the following should be developed:

  • To create an attentive and positive attitude towards science.
  • To provide opportunities for children to explore both the physical and biological worlds.
  • To create an environment in which pupils apply previous knowledge and skills to solve technological problems.
  • To encourage children to work co-operatively to gather information and exchange ideas to further their investigations.
  • To provide a stimulating environment for pupils to explore and experiment with ideas and        theories.
  • To develop language skills and the ability to voice their own thoughts and ideas.
  • To provide experiences which enable the pupil to use and become familiar with scientific processes.
  • To encourage pupils to acquire information from various sources and to check and compare their findings.
  • To make the pupils aware of the environment and to develop enquiring minds.
  • To encourage children to make predictions and to investigate them.
  • To train pupils to become skilled in handling equipment effectively and safely.
  • To provide hands on experiences of the world around them.