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Whole School Vision

All children to make sense of the world using a powerful universal language that allows them to explain, predict, represent events and tackle everyday problems. Therefore, becoming independent, creative thinkers who are constantly acquiring fluency in procedures alongside developing a conceptional understanding set by high expectations.

General aims of Mathematics

The key aim of Mathematics at Marlborough Primary School is to develop children’s ability to reason mathematically and enjoy their learning journey through the years with an open mind and plenty of curiosity. This is to be achieved through-

  •          Creating an attentive and positive attitude towards Mathematics.
  •          Allowing children to feel safe to make errors and learn from them
  •          Providing children with opportunities to explore and secure mathematical concepts using practical equipment first then moving onto the more abstract form of mathematics.
  •          Children to become fluent in mathematics through varied and frequent practice thus promoting rapid recall of skills and knowledge with increasing complexity over time.
  •          Children to be able to reason mathematically by providing ‘proof or justification’ using mathematical terminology. Looking at relationships and formulating arguments.
  •          Have strong links with Science, Technology, RE and English to ensure children have an appreciation for Mathematics around them.
  •          Offering same day additional support (wobble time) for children who require further consolidation time to grasp concepts taught within the lesson. Thus, in preparation for the subsequent lessons.
  •          High achievers to be given opportunities whereby they are challenged further through deeper thinking, problem-solving tasks and scenarios.

Whole-Class Teaching:


Lessons are planned based on formative assessments and how much scaffolding will be required. Starter tasks are tiered with questions allowing all children to access and move the learning forward to their ability thus, catering for children who may find concepts harder to grasp and those who require a more challenging approach. Teachers and Teaching assistants are all involved at the planning stage and in its delivery.

Lessons are devised in such a fashion that ensures children have a longer time exploring mathematical concepts and then deepening their understanding through reasoning and problem solving as stated in the National Curriculum. The pace may seem slower but there is greater depth to each lesson and it is not a simple tick box activity.


Greater emphasis is placed on teachers to probe and question children’s understanding throughout the session. At all times, modelling correct mathematical language within detailed responses.


Practise is done through variation and not constant repetition. Thus, allowing children to explore and become confident in their understanding. 


SEND children may be supported through additional adults, resources and differentiation of tasks where necessary.


Homework is provided weekly for all year groups with greater emphasis on learning and mastering their timetables knowledge.


Additional Information:


  • Parent workshops promote mathematical thinking and working together to create a supportive environment for children’s learning. Also, an opportunity for parents to learn and develop their own knowledge and skills.
  • Insets- all staff to attend planned Insets throughout the year as part of their CPD.
  • Clubs-Borrow a game! Children are given the opportunity o borrow a mathematics game to play at home with family and friends. This is to promote a positive ethos and attitude towards mathematics in a fun and exciting way.  

Our aim at all times is to promote a positive learning environment that children feel safe and confident to learn in. High expectations and the mind-set that every child is able to learn mathematics sits at the core of what Mathematics is about at Marlborough PrimarySchool. 

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