Marlborough Primary School

Year 6

Spring Term


This term our topic is Bloodheart. We will be learning about the function of the heart and the circulatory system. In science our focus will be on keeping healthy and how we can have a healthy lifestyle, which in turn leads to a healthy heart and an improved lifestyle. As part of the topic we will be looking at a real lamb's heart and dissecting it to understand how the blood vessels are all connected.

In English and Maths our focus for SATS will remain, we will be teaching a range of topics and then lots of opportunities for them to apply this knowledge across the topics taught. There will be a Mock SATS week where children will have a taste at what the real SATS will be like.


Dissecting a lamb's heart

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Picture 2
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World Religion Day - Bahaism

World Religion Day - Bahaism 1
World Religion Day - Bahaism 2
World Religion Day - Bahaism 3

Autumn 2


Creative curriculum


In year 6 the topic for this half term is Frozen Kingdom. We will be looking at the environments of the Arctic and Antartica, looking at wildlife, plant life, climate and indigenous people. We will also look at the RMS titanic which sank 400 miles away from Newfoundland Canada after hitting an iceberg.



In science we will be investigating which substance melts ice the fastest. The investigation focus will be on using the correct scientific language to explain the process and the conclusion. As part of the Frozen Kingdom topic we will also be looking at adaptation and how animals adapt to their surroundings.



The maths focus for this term is to reinforce the four operations and fractions, decimals and percentages. This term the children will be focussing on using the language of reasoning to explain how they achieved the answer, but also how they can apply their fluency skills to problem solving questions.



Our text for this term is the Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac. The book focuses on a wolf who has lost everything on the way to the zoo. He meets a boy who has also lost everybody and how they both bond together. The book starts off being set in Alaska and then moves to the Zoo where he has been captured.

Famous women from Birmingham

Famous women from Birmingham 1 Denise Lewis from Birmingham

Inuit Art

Inuit Art 1 A beautiful painting
Inuit Art 2 A lovely interpretation
Inuit Art 3 A beautiful painting

Seven swans are swimming

Seven swans are swimming 1

Artic/Antartic models

Artic/Antartic models 1 A fantastic group effort
Artic/Antartic models 2 Love the penguin at the top
Artic/Antartic models 3 Super creative

Parental Workshop

Parental Workshop 1 We enjoyed making fake snow.
Parental Workshop 2 The penguins were a great success
Parental Workshop 3 Let is snow! Let it snow!

Frozen Kingdom Projects

Frozen Kingdom Projects 1 Some lovely art work in 6F
Frozen Kingdom Projects 2 Beautiful landscapes in 6N
Frozen Kingdom Projects 3 Fantastic projects in 6A

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1 A lovely remembrance poem by Mariyam Mohammed
Remembrance Day 2 A beautiful poppy poem by Farhan Hussain

Welcome to Year 6:

The children have made a fantastic start to the year and are already showing us that they are ready for their year 6 experience at Marlborough Junior. Please see below for all the exciting and hands-on- experiences that we have participated in so far!


6N  - Mrs Nandhra (Assistant Headteacher)  and Ms Cummings (HLTA)

6A - Miss Ali (Teacher) and Mrs Yunin (TA)

6F - Ms Farmer (Teacher) and Miss Fields (TA)

Ms Gul - Intervention teacher


Curriculum Overview:

You can find our Curriculum overviews for each half term below. 


Autumn 1

A child's war

Autumn 2

Frozen Kingdom

Spring term



Summer term

Gallery rebels



Curriculum - A child's war

Year 6 started their topic by visiting Severn Valley Railway. We rode on a steam train from Kidderminister to Highley. At Highley  we visited the engine house, where the pupils took part in a range of world war two activities. Year six played world war two playground games, they looked at an authentic world war two kitchen, the pupils used hessian and did some rug ragging.

The pupils enjoyed going into an Anderson Shelter and having first hand experience of what it was like during an air raid.







Our class read for this half term is related to the topic of World War Two. We have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom. As part of our English reading sessions we have explored the text focussing on the range of vocabulary that has been used and on retrieving information from the text to further develop our comprehension skills.







In Maths we have started the year by having a focus on place value. Identifying numbers and how to write them in figures. In year 6 our focus has been on improving the arithmetic skills of the children. We have revisiting column addition and subtraction, ensuring that the pupils have a secure understanding of these methods. Long Multiplication and division will also form part of the maths curriculum over the next two weeks.






In science our topic has been light, we have looked our how light travels and also how our eyes can see light. In this lesson we labelled the eye and focussed on the functions of each part. Year six then looked at what a periscope was and the function of the periscope in world war two. We made our own periscopes to use around the class. 









This week year 6 were celebrating Black History Month. Our focus was on Black and Asian famous sports people. the children researched information about them and produced a double page spread celebrating Black History Month.



Celebrating Black History Month with making African Masks

Celebrating Black History Month with making African Masks 1
Celebrating Black History Month with making African Masks 2

World Food Day

World Food Day 1 6N chose Jamaica to showcase
World Food Day 2 Lots of yummy food!!

At the end of the World War Two topic, year 6 celebrated with a street party. 

Street parties were held when Britain announced that World War Two had ended and they had won. Communities of people gathered in the roads to celebrate together, they lined the streets with tables and waved union jack flags to celebrate this auspicious time.

Year 6 celebrated with their own street party.

Picture 1

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Welcome meeting newsletter